March Round Up

Ok, so I know I say this every month but seriously where has this month gone?! March has been ANOTHER fab month (i'm on a roll at the moment). I've had a lovely month what with my birthday and winning a paid work placement at McCan Erickson andddd just general March loveliness with the warmer weather and all the pretty flowers popping out.

But this month in particular I have fallen well and truly in love with Benefit Lollitint. Dare I say it, possibly my favourite product this year? It is so pretty and just perfect for the Spring time. Which leads me on to my next favourite post from this month and that was my Spring Has Sprung post . I loved writing this post and having a rummage through my stash for my staples this Spring. Which I would like to add I have been wearing pretty much every day, I just love Spring make up!

Finally is my favourite thing to bake at the moment, Very Berry Muffins. Oh my these are just so tasty. I think I may be on my fourth batch in a month by now. Uh oh. If you want to give them a go, the recipe is included in the post.

Oh and just to further my wonderful month, I have now reached over 500 followers on bloglovin! So amazing, thank you to all my lovely readers. If you aren't following me on bloglovin, you can follow me here. Hope you've all had a lovely March as well! xx

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  1. Those muffins look amazing!! Your pictures are really nice! xx

  2. That yellow nail varnish looks perfect for Spring... May have to get it!!