Dupe: Essie Mint Candy Apple vs MUA Pistachio Ice Cream

I picked Essie Mint Candy Apple up a few weeks ago, read my post here, and I love it. It's such a lovely spring pastely shade. Not long after I brought it the lovely Alice from Annie writes beauty uploaded a photo of her Pistachio ice cream nails from MUA. I could not believe the similarity even down to the packaging. Although I see MUA pop up all over beauty blogs all the time, i've never tried any of their products so while in town I took a diversion to Superdrug and picked up pistachio ice cream for a teeny tiny £1.

As I just mentioned the packaging is basically identical. A glass bottle with the brand embossed onto it with a white lid. Neither polish say how much product is in it but clearly MUA is a much smaller amount. I prefer the brush on the Essie polish because it's wider so you can nearly paint a whole nail in one stroke whereas the MUA brush is smaller which makes the painting process longer. 

The consistency of the polishes is slightly different as well, MUA being more runny so again making it take slightly longer to paint. The shades themselves aren't an exact match, mint candy apple is a bit darker. In the photograph, my thumb and first finger are painted with Essie Mint Candy Apple but the difference is only obvious if it's pointed out. 

All the differences are really slight and i'm just being picky but for £1 I think MUA have created an amazing dupe. 

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  1. What a an dupe I will definitely be picking up the MUA one next time I'm in town.
    Rosy xx

  2. Replies
    1. So good isn't it! Can't believe how similar it is x

  3. Wow they're so similar! So glad you let us in on this bargain :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

    1. Haha that's quite alright, can't believe the MUA one is only £1! X

  4. They're so similar but for. £1 that's amazing. I may have to have a gander! Awesome post!

    Heather x


  5. I love this colour from Essie what a total bargain, thanks for sharing with us I really should check this out :) I'm loving pastels at the minute! :) x


    1. Me too, they're gorgeous aren't they :) x