Benefit Cosmetics's Gabbi's Head Pub Blogger Foosball Tournament

Benefit invited me to a beauty blogger vs fashion blogger foosball tournament with Echo Falls at the gorgeous Gabbi's Head pub. Obviously I jumped at the opportunity to go to a pink pub and meet lots of other blogging lovelies.

If you haven't heard, Gabbi's Head is Benefit Cosmetics pop up world cup pub where you can get beautified and either escape from the world cup and the world of football or watch the 'beautiful' game. It is a well and truly fabulous pub and incredibly pink. Bold statement here but quite possibly the best pub EVER. Gabbi's Head comes complete with a pink foosball table, fitting for a beauty vs fashion blogger foosball tournament. Although I haven't played foosball for years, the lovely Amy from The Camera's Lying and I won our match, woo! Obviously beauty bloggers do it better. We were also treated to lots Echo Falls wine (pink of course) and cake pops, the perfect combination.

If you get the opportunity you seriously need to visit Gabbi's Head it is truly amazing and Benefit have lots of different exciting events happening over the course of the next few weeks. You can also take advantage of free eyebrow waxing in return for a donation to Benefit's chosen charity Refuge. I certainly did and now I have heavenly bene-brows once again. Check out all the fixtures on Benefit's blog post here. Thanks to Benefit and Echo Falls for inviting me and for organising a fab evening and hello to all the blogging lovelies I met!

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  1. that really looks like a fun event! by the way, love your outfit and you look gorgeous!! stay awesome Lily! xx

    Intan Thalia
    The Wishing Dust

  2. Looks like such a good night! I've never seen such a pretty pub!

    Rachael at


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