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As we're already established through 'The Holiday Series' i'm just not one of those 'i'm going to lie in the shade all day' kinda gals. I loveeee a tan and the sunshine but it did mean after a long day of either exploring, lying in the sun or riding a camel I needed to make sure I was putting all that moisturising goodness back into my skin.

My top picks for regaining buttery soft skin was firstly the St. Tropez Aftersun With a hint of Self Tan which I picked up for £15. Any after sun will intensely moisturise and maintain your natural tan. I personally love this one because it fake tans at the same time so even on day one of your holiday you'll be rocking a bit of a glow. Pick an aftersun which is rich in vitamin E as this will deeply nourish and put any vitamins you've lost back into your skin.

Next is a super rich moisturiser for your face. Although you should be using a strong SPF (see my post here) you'll still need to make sure your skin isn't drying out in the sun. I chose the Korres Yoghurt Moisturising Cream  as it is super rich and moisturising and just feels amazing on your skin. Another often forgotten area on your face is your lips, again this is exposed to the sun so needs to be moisturised afterwards. I loved using the simple Blistex Intensive Moisturiser  it smells amazing and it works wonders.

Finally is a product that made a great extra in my evening routine and this was the Eau Thermal Avene Spring Water. When I first purchased this I was a little unsure if it would actually work but I seriously love this stuff. I got sunburnt a few of the days on holiday and when this was sprayed on the sunburnt areas it really helped to ease the soreness. Even on un-sunburnt skin that had just been exposed to the sun all day it really helped to soothe it and make it subtle again. A definite must in your holiday packing!

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  1. What's kind of scent does the Korres Yoghurt Moisturiser have? I'm intrigued!


  2. The eau thermal is my summer must have too! I am intrigued about the Korres.. will try it in store!

    TheConscienceFund| Bloglovin'


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