Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

I was recently posed with the question, 'if you could take one beauty product onto a desert island with you, what would you take?' This question is enough to make any beauty fanatic's toes curl. I think answering this question was harder than deciding what to study at university. Ok, slight over exaggeration, but still it is a tough one. The first thing that popped into my head was the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. Yes Lily, a very sensible chose for the only item you can take onto a desert island. Nothing like a nice sensible option like dry shampoo maybe. But just look at it, it's hardly suprising it would be my pick.
I first tried the Hourglass palette in Liberty's beauty hall and it was love at first brush. But with a £58 price tag, was it needed. Errr yes. The palette consists of three Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders in a smooth bronze palette. The powders are in the shades Dim Light, Incandescent Light (exclusive to the palette) and Radiant Light.

Dim light is the setting powder of the trio. A peachy beige that keeps everything set on my face, even after a nine hour day at work. Pretty impressive. Incandescent light is the glow giver. A really pearly powder which I dust over the tops of my cheeks, my cupids bow and the corner of my eyes. Radiant light finishes the base of nicely giving me a bronzey glow, ideal when you spend five days a week in an office. 

So are you starting to understand why I would be spending my lonely nights on a desert island with nothing but my Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette? I think i've justified my answer pretty darn well.

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  1. I love this palette! All of the colors are beautiful and they really make your skin glow. Also, I love your writing! Great post!! xo Kelly


  2. Ohhh goodness, this is so beautiful! Have not tried anything from Hourglass, but want this palette right now!

    Z ♥

  3. Oh gosh the Hourglass the Ambient Lighting powders and blushes are just some of the most beautiful things! I've got the Diffused Heat blush and it sure got me hooked! I'll definitely pick up something else from the line on my next trip to Sephora! xo

    MD | http://byourbself.blogspot.ca/

  4. There's so many things I love about this palette, it's so beautiful Xx

    Olivia -cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk


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