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The three-year hiatus

I loved blogging. I started it as part of a module in my second year of university (yikes, that feels like a long time ago). A space to ramble over, quite frankly, trivial matters and attempt to figure out how to use my all bells and whistles camera to create some lovely shots.

Four years later, I’m still none the wiser on how to use the camera and I haven’t written about beauty loves since.

I’ve promised myself I’d kick start my blog again numerous times over the past four years and now feels like the right time, as for the first time I don’t have some mammoth challenge on my plate.

If you’re wondering what the heck I’m on about, here’s a whistle-stop tour of my last three years:

- PR internship;
- 14-month marketing internship;
- Met the best chap in the world;
- Returned to uni;
- Graduated with a 1st (bragging rights were gained when I broke myself to get this);
- Traveled around Thailand with the chap;
- Enrolled on a CIM course to become a chartered marketer;
- Started first marketing agency job;
- Handed in work for on first CIM module;
- Went to work for a different PR agency;
- Adopted the sweetest, and naughtiest, French bulldog with the chap;
- Brought a beautiful crumbly Victorian house;
- Renovated the beautiful crumbly Victorian house;
- Handed in work for second CIM module;
- Moved into (now) lovely house;
- And finally, graduated from CIM as a chartered marketer and had a big old glass of wine to celebrate!

It doesn’t sound as chaotic on paper but it’s been a busy old three years, and, brings me nicely to today - twiddling my thumbs with a distinct lack of project. So what better time to dust off the camera and to start sharing more musings.

So sit back, grab a cuppa, and enjoy my latest scoop of lifestyle, interiors, fashion and beauty waffle. Oh, and a few hundred photos of my beloved Herby thrown in for good measure.

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